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pseudo_normal's Journal

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The Twisted Fiction of Ima Pseudonym
This community was created for the specific and sole purpose of housing the fanfictions of LJ user ima_pseudonym.

I'm still searching through my journal, for fictions, so I can organize them and place them here where they will be (hopefully) more easily accessible.

I'm still debating whether or not someone will need to 'join' this community to read everything here, or not. I would like to know how many people have stopped by. But once the stories are up, you needn't comment to anything, unless you wish to.

This journal is mainly the result of people wishing to read my stories, who don't have access (through means of my own paranoia) to my F.O. journal.

Stay tuned, peeps. With any small amount of luck (and a huge-ass miracle) this community will be up and running soon.